Smart Risks

How Women Can Take Smart Risks to Move Their Career Forward

Wherever you are on your career path as a healthcare professional, the work you do is more than just a job. Your career should help you find purpose in doing something that moves you. If your current situation doesn’t feel that way, there’s no need to stay where you are. Some women worry about making a change, but change is often the key to improving your career and your life. Whether you’re looking to move up in your company, make a complete career switch, or set out on your own as an entrepreneur, that next step is within your grasp as long as you’re willing to take it.

Creating Your Professional Identity

If you feel uncertain about the next step, the first thing to do is to zero in on your professional self. Do you feel passionate about what you do? Even if your salary is amazing, money isn’t enough to make a career satisfying. Doing research and brainstorming what motivates you can provide clarity about how to make your next move. Another way to get a better feel for something different is by finding a mentor. As an added bonus, mentors help you make connections in a new field and can help you get a foot in the door. You can also use websites like Career Whisperer to hire a mentor, who typically charges from $99 to $350 per session. For a more intensive experience, coaches like the career guru, Donna Cardillo, may take you on.

 With a good handle on who you are as a professional, you want to get your image out there. We live in a digital age, and having an online presence that reflects your professional identity, and putting yourself out there through networking, can lead to new opportunities. And because there isn’t much of a divide between our professional and private lives online, it’s a good idea to make sure your online reputation reflects your best self. 

Many employers now use social media when reviewing applicants, so this is a crucial step to take before applying for jobs. Depending on the level of expertise you need, one easy way to develop a solid online reputation is by teaming up with a reputation management firm. These companies have the ability to create online content that highlights your best traits. They do this by contracting with writers who create blog posts, press releases, and other articles that show off your accomplishments, from volunteer work to prizes and awards you’ve earned.

Finally, consider finding a dedicated area in your home where you can do your work. If you’re used to paying for a shared space somewhere, considering taking that money and investing in a small home office. With the help of a local contractor, you can tackle small jobs like installing built-in shelves, setting up outlets, and creating a space where you feel productive and motivated. In Hobe Sound, Florida, expect to spend between $143 and $344 for a handyman, though that price will vary depending on the size of the project you have in mind.

 Making Change Happen

If you’ve done some research and have an idea about where you want to go, start exploring your options for making a move. Do you need education to develop new skills? Research ways you can build those skills, such as taking continuing education courses or volunteering in your field of interest. Or maybe you’ve decided that entrepreneurship is the way to go. Starting your own business could be anything from a part-time side hustle to a fully-fledged startup. Enlisting the aid of someone, such as  Dr Catie Harris, the NursePreneur, can help turn your skills into a six-figure business

You may find that you’re happy at your job but are ready to move up. Refinery29 explains that some women are reluctant to ask for a promotion, but advocating for yourself is easier when you are prepared. Before asking, focus on your accomplishments and how you add value to the company. Doing this will boost your confidence, and, of course, these are things you should communicate when asking for what you want.

To move up (or in any new direction), you have to be willing to take risks. For some women, this means changing your mindset about what you’re capable of. If there’s a different direction you want to take, don’t assume you lack the skills to do it. Instead, Forbes says to “embrace what you think you cannot do.” If that next step still doesn’t seem quite within reach, ask for more responsibilities. With new responsibilities comes an opportunity for substantial growth.

We typically think of risk as something that’s bad, but when it comes to your career, sometimes taking smart risks pays off. When you feel stuck in your career, your whole life and overall happiness are impacted. Making a change to move forward can get you unstuck so that your career prospects and your life, in general, feel rewarding again.

The author, Gloria Martinez, started to celebrate the advancements women have made and inspire women to become entrepreneurs and seek promotions in the workplace.